Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the road again until Aug 1....blogging lite.

I'm on the road again.  I leave Saturday and will be out of the country until I return Aug 1.  

I don't expect much time to blog...except for possible "push" type FYI posts re: content posted at other blogging (check out the is very cool...but, of course, I tend to be a tech nerd)......with pictures of activities, people, etc. as I travel.

Of course, I often find flying time and time spent in airports productive for I may do some blogging...just can't make any promises.  I shall return.

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ross k. said...

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I'm wondering if you've ever had people raise their IQs by learning things that are on some of the tests. I get a different score from different tests, and usually I don't score as high as I think I should, because the tests don't test what I know. The typical test seems to rely too much on junior high math (I believe it was developed for high school placement, after all), which was a big gap in my education and my weak point. I've been wondering if I could study up on my gap in math and significantly raise my score, just to do it and show that the test does not necessarily measure anything native. Have you ever had anybody do this?