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Neuropsychology - Volume 23, Issue 4


Volume 23, Issue 4

Factors contributing to attentional impairments after traumatic brain injury.
Pages 424-432
Willmott, Catherine; Ponsford, Jennie; Hocking, Chris; Schönberger, Michael
Double jeopardy! The additive consequences of negative affect on performance-monitoring decrements following traumatic brain injury.
Pages 433-444
Larson, Michael J.; Kaufman, David A. S.; Kellison, Ida L.; Perlstein, William M.; Schmalfuss, Ilona M.
Growth mixture modeling of academic achievement in children of varying birth weight risk.
Pages 460-474
Espy, Kimberly Andrews; Fang, Hua; Charak, David; Taylor, H. Gerry; Minich, Nori
Neuroanatomical and cognitive mediators of age-related differences in perceptual priming and learning.
Pages 475-491
Kennedy, Kristen M.; Rodrigue, Karen M.; Head, Denise; Gunning-Dixon, Faith; Raz, Naftali
Comprehension of concrete and abstract words in semantic dementia.
Pages 492-499
Jefferies, Elizabeth; Patterson, Karalyn; Jones, Roy W.; Lambon Ralph, Matthew A.
Different cognitive profiles for single compared with recurrent fallers without dementia.
Pages 500-508
Anstey, Kaarin J.; Wood, Joanne; Kerr, Graham; Lord, Stephen R.; Caldwell, Haley
Assessment of unilateral spatial neglect: Scoring star cancellation performance from video recordings—method, reliability, benefits, and normative data.
Pages 519-528
Manly, Tom; Dove, Anja; Blows, Suzy; Noonan, MaryAnn P.; Dodds, Christopher M.; Warburton, Elizabeth; Fish, Jessica; Teasdale, Thomas W.; George, Melanie
Word memory test performance in amnesic patients with hippocampal damage.
Pages 529-534
Goodrich-Hunsaker, Naomi J.; Hopkins, Ramona O.
Attention, automaticity, and developmental dyscalculia.
Pages 535-540
Ashkenazi, Sarit; Rubinsten, Orly; Henik, Avishai

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