Monday, July 13, 2009

John Horn's (1965) doctoral dissertation test of Cattell's Gf-Gc theory

John Horn's Gf-Gc dissertation available for viewing.

I'm working on a visual-graphic and tex
t-based summary and extension of my previously published "CHC Theory: Past, Present and Future" book it can be displayed on the web, and more importantly, can serve as a presentation for instructional/historical purposes. When done I will be giving this material away to those that are interested.

In the process I'm trying to embed hyperlinks to classic articles that will give readers the chance to view and read many of the seminal works that have led us to contemporary CHC theory and intellectual assessment.

Today I'm posting a real gem I found in the process of completing this project. A PDF copy of John Horn's original dissertation (1965). According to Carroll (1993), this was the first real empirical test of Cattell's Gf-Gc theory.

You are forewarned. The file is very large...17+MB. I suggest you don't try download or view from a land phone line or wifi.

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