Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Journal: Cognitive Neuroscience

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Dear Cognitive Neuroscientist,

Cognitive Neuroscience - Now Accepting Submissions

Now accepting submissions for a 2010 launch, and edited by Jamie Ward cover of journal(University of Sussex, UK), Cognitive Neuroscience aims to publish high quality empirical and theoretical papers on any topic in the field of cognitive neuroscience.

What is different about Cognitive Neuroscience?

Would you like a publisher to promise online publication of your research within 6 weeks of acceptance? Would you like to avoid hefty charges for essential colour in the printed edition? Do you think there is a need for more short empirical reports together with published discussion (rather than straight reviews) of hot topics?

If so, Cognitive Neuroscience should be the journal of choice for you. This unique blend of features sets it apart from existing publications and we hope it will become a focal point for research and discussion in the field.

The journal fills an important niche in the market by publishing shorter papers (up to 4000 words) and longer discussion papers (up to 8000 words) with peer commentaries alongside.

With fast reviewing and rapid online publication (within 6 weeks of acceptance), the journal will become an essential resource for researchers in fields including, but not limited to: perception, attention, memory, language, action, decision-making, emotions, and social cognition.

Submit your paper through the journal's dedicated submissions website:

For more information on how to submit or subscribe, visit the journal's website:


Cognitive Neuroscience Arena


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