Wednesday, December 03, 2008

PsycCRITIQUES - Volume 53, Issue 49 is now available online

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December 3, 2008
Volume 53, Issue 49

Book Reviews
1. Abortion Counseling: A Clinician's Guide to Psychology, Legislation, Politics, and Competency
Authors: Rachel B. Needle and Lenore E. A. Walker
Reviewer: Leanne R. Parker

2. Obesity Surgery: Stories of Altered Lives
Authors: Marta Meana and Lindsey Ricciardi
Reviewer: Randall C. Flanery

3. Margaret Mahler: A Biography of the Psychoanalyst
Author: Alma Halbert Bond
Reviewer: Marilyn S. Jacobs

4. Handbook of Evidence-Based Therapies for Children and Adolescents: Bridging Science and Practice
Authors: Ric G. Steele, T. David Elkin, and Michael C. Roberts (Eds.)
Reviewers: Marios Constantinou, Christiana Dipli, and Maria Karekla

5. Ethnocultural Perspectives on Disaster and Trauma: Foundations, Issues, and Applications
Authors: Anthony J. Marsella, Jeannette L. Johnson, Patricia Watson, and Jan Gryczynski (Eds.)
Reviewer: Donald Dutton

6. Reconciliation Discourse: The Case of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Author: Annelies Verdoolaege
Reviewer: Rachel M. MacNair

7. Handbook of Giftedness in Children: Psychoeducational Theory, Research, and Best Practices
Author: Steven I. Pfeiffer (Ed.)
Reviewer: Catherine Scott

8. Suicide: Strategies and Interventions for Reduction and Prevention
Author: Stephen Palmer (Ed.)
Reviewer: Joe Alford

Film Review
9. Youth Without Youth
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Reviewer: Keith Oatley

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