Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ISIR post thoughts - live blogging was not an option

I attended the 9th Annual ISIR conference last week in Decatur, GA.  As usual, another great conference.  Kudos to Doug Detterman and the others who organized the program (click here find the program and names in a prior post).

In contrast to my last ISIR conference, I was unable to blog live due to the lack of a wifi signal in the conference room.  I've not yet posted any information as I didn't return until Sunday and it has taken a good day to get back to speed on my work. 

My plan is to now start sending out a series of posts.  Some may contain bits and pieces of reports and my thoughts regarding multiple presentations.  Others I plan to put in the form of IQ Scholar Spotlight posts.....reflecting the presence of a particular intelligence scholar at the conference.  I will do my best to capture some of the take-away messages I gleaned from the particular scholars presentation.

Be patient.  Blogging is only a hobby.  Bills need to be paid.

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