Monday, September 24, 2007

Random tidbits from mind blogosphere 9-25-07

  • Check out the BPS Research Digest for the results of their poll of the "most important psychology experiment that has NEVER been done"
  • Noise helps those with ADHD? Check out interesting post at DI regarding the following:
    • In a doctoral dissertation (and now a newly published paper),
      Göran B. W. Söderlund describes how high intensity, broadband noise may
      actually alleviate some of the distractibility inherent to disorders
      like ADHD. Interpreted loosely, the idea is that those with ADHD are
      chronically understimulated by both their environment and their
      internal cognitive representations, leading them to search almost
      incessantly for more stimulating things (environments or thoughts),
      which takes the behavioral form of distractibility. This chronic
      cognitive understimulation might be overcome by introducing additional
      noise to the cognitive system through the perceptual system.
  • ENL has a nice post re: recent research that suggest three major types of dyslexia. I had hoped to make a similar thanks ENL for saving me the time. Keep up the good work. Check out related post at IQ's Corner (click here)
  • Brain candy @ Omni Brain
  • Thanks to Sharp Brains for highlighting the Best of the Brain from Scientific American

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