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Psychology book nook reviews - 9-6-07

A new issue of PsycCRITIQUES is available online.

September 5, 2007
Volume 52, Issue 36

Book Reviews
1. Toward a Global Psychology: Theory, Research, Intervention, and Pedagogy
Authors: Michael J. Stevens and Uwe P. Gielen (Eds.)
Reviewers: David W. Shwalb and Barbara J. Shwalb

2. Cognitive Schemas and Core Beliefs in Psychological Problems: A Scientist–Practitioner Guide
Authors: Lawrence P. Riso, Pieter L. du Toit, Dan J. Stein, and Jeffrey E. Young (Eds.)
Reviewer: Jason T. Ramsay

3. The Evolution of Mind: Fundamental Questions and Controversies
Authors: Steven W. Gangestad and Jeffry A. Simpson (Eds.)
Reviewer: Michael R. Kauth

4. Advances in Psychotherapy—Evidence-Based Practice: Vol. 7. Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adults
Authors: Annette U. Rickel and Ronald T. Brown
Reviewer: Joseph C. Blader

5. Health Literacy in Primary Care: A Clinician's Guide
Authors: Gloria G. Mayer and Michael Villaire
Reviewer: Lisa Terre

6. Solving Latino Psychosocial and Health Problems: Theory, Practice, and Populations
Author: Kurt C. Organista
Reviewer: Joan Koss-Chioino

7. Short-Term Existential Intervention in Clinical Practice
Authors: Joseph Walsh and Jim Lantz
Reviewers: Louis Hoffman and Elizabeth Saxon

8. Animal-Assisted Brief Therapy: A Solution-Focused Approach
Authors: Teri Pichot and Marc Coulter
Reviewer: Mardi Allen

9. My Father Before Me: How Fathers and Sons Influence Each Other Throughout Their Lives
Author: Michael J. Diamond
Reviewer: John W. Robertson-Howell

10. On Being a Mentor: A Guide for Higher Education Faculty
Author: W. Brad Johnson
Reviewers: William Buskist and Christopher Howard

11. Coaching for Emotional Intelligence: The Secret to Developing the Star Potential in Your Employees
Author: Bob Wall
Reviewer: L. Hunter Kevil

12. Exploring Positive Relationships at Work: Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation
Authors: Jane E. Dutton and Belle Rose Ragins
Reviewer: Steven M. Elias

13. Make the Right Career Move: 28 Critical Insights and Strategies to Land Your Dream Job
Author: Rachelle J. Canter
Reviewer: Rodney L. Lowman

14. Stress and Addiction: Biological and Psychological Mechanisms
Author: Mustafa al'Absi (Ed.)
Reviewers: Tony Cellucci and Leslie Devaud

15. Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence
Author: Laura L. Finley (Ed.)
Reviewer: Alice Sterling Honig

16. Working With Families of the Poor (2nd ed.)
Authors: Patricia Minuchin, Jorge Colapinto, and Salvador Minuchin
Reviewer: Dale L. Johnson

Video Review
17. Mindful Therapy
with Lorne Ladner
Reviewers: Ruth A. Baer and Emily L. B. Lykins

Film Review
18. Apocalypto
Director: Mel Gibson
Reviewer: Grant J. Rich

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