Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Journal alert - special issue of Cognitive Neuropsychology

The journal Cognitive Neuropsychology has just published a special issued on "selective deficits in developmental cognitive neuropsychology."

Table of Contents

  • B.C. Duchaine, Introduction. M. McCloskey, J. Valtonen, J. Sherman, Representing Orientation: A Coordinate-System Hypothesis, and Evidence from Developmental Deficits. B.C. Duchaine, G. Yovel, E.J. Butterworth, K. Nakayama, Prosopagnosia as an Impairment to Face-Specific Mechanism: Elimination of the Alternative Hypotheses in a Developmental Case. S. White, U. Frith, E. Milne, S. Rosen, J. Swettenham, F. Ramus, A Double Dissociation between Sensorimotor Impairments and Reading Disability: A Comparison of Autistic and Dyslexic Children. C.M. Temple, P. Richardson, Developmental Amnesia: Fractionation of Developing Memory Systems.
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