Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dickens and Flynn publish study suggesting black-white IQ gap has narrowed

I knew this manuscript by Dickens and Flynn, which suggests a narrowing of the black-white IQ gap, was in the pipeline, but the actual published article is not yet available (I just checked). For now readers will need to live with this brief news story from Science News. I reserve my judgments until I can review the published manuscript.

Rest assured that this is not the end to this story. I personally know that Charles "Bell Curve" Murray is also near completion of a new analysis of black-white IQ score differences across three decades of performance on a single comprehensive intelligence battery. I will post information when I hear something. I believe the Murray piece is not 100% consistent with the Dickens and Flynn research.

Brace for a new round of hot discussions/debates regarding the black-white IQ research as this is a historically contentious area of intelligence research.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That Dickens and Flynn work sounds like it will be extremely interesting. I didn't know that this study was in progress, so I thank you for the heads-up here. I look forward to the finished product, and I, too, will reserve judgment until the manuscript is released.