Wednesday, October 26, 2005

CHC, intelligence, neuropsychology, clinical diagnosis research reports available

The following 13 brief research reports have been posted to the Woodcock-Munoz Foundation (WMF) Programs of Research/Bulletin Board. More will follow. Reports can either be viewed online or downloaded to your hard drive.

Conflict of interest disclosure: I, the blogmaster of this blog, am employed by the WMF as Research Director. None of the opinions expressed on this blog reflect the position of the WMF.
  • Children with Mild Mental Retardation: Characteristics of Performance on Measures of CHC Broad Cognitive Abilities (2003)
  • Ability Profiles of Children with Low and High Reading Comprehension Ability: The Importance of General and Specific Aptitudes (2004(
  • Explaining Reading Comprehension Across Childhood, Adolescence, and Early Adulthood is Somewhat Simple (2004)
  • Joint Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Delis-Kaplan Executive Function System and the Woodcock-Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Abilities (2004)
  • Relations Between Executive Function Measures and Measures of the g Factor (2004)
  • Woodcock-Johnson III Factor Clusters: g Loadings and Specificity (2005)
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis of CHC Theory with a Neurologically Impaired Sample (2005)
  • Are Similar Achievement Deficits Caused by Different Cognitive Processing Profiles for Individuals with ADHD and TBI? (2005)
  • Can Sensory and Motor Skills Successfully Differentiate Patients with CVA's from Patients with TBI's? (2005)
  • Sensory Motor Differences in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury (2005)
  • Classification and Regression Tree Analysis of Individuals with ADHD (2005)
  • Predicting Cognitive Processing Abilities Using Construction Tasks from a Neurologically Impaired Sample (2005)
  • Differential Cognitive Processing Performance of Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities (2005)

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