Friday, October 28, 2005

American Academy of School Psychology - assessment position papers

FYI. For the school psychology readers of this blog.

If you are not yet aware of the important work of the American Academy of School Psychology, I would suggest you give their site a visit. Of particular interest, given all the NASP listserv chatter re: IDEA, RTI, the future of cognitive assessment, etc., are the following two position papers of the academy.

  • ASPP Response to Report of the President's Commission on Excellence in Special Education(Acrobat format) 9/17/02
  • ASPP Statement on Comprehensive Evaluation for Learning Disabilities (Acrobat format) 2/21/04

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Anonymous said...

This organization appears to be little more than a group of backslapping professors collaborating on what they typically do in the course of their work. Where are diplomates for Master's-level psychologists who actually help real, live children?