Monday, September 19, 2005

Vizual (Gv)Thinking Blog

FYI - I've just spun off another blog called "Vizual Thinking"

What is this new blog all about? Why does a quantoid psychologist with a scholarly-oriented intelligence testing blog start a more personal blog devoted to creative visual images?

Many of my colleagues often refer to me as Dr. Gv, where Gv refers to visual-spatial processing/thinking as per the Cattell-Horn Carroll Theory of Cognitive Abilities.

Why? Because whenever I'm asked a theoretical or statistical question, I typically create visual diagrams and images to explain difficult concepts. Also, I've been known to spend considerable time creating and tweaking images/graphics on my professonal PowerPoint presentation slides. I've been a heavy Gv thinker as long as I can remember.

Couple this with a renewed interest in creative amateur photography...and yep...Dr. Gv needs a place to post his Gv/photographic vizualizations, images, and fascination with visual patterns.

I hope someone enjoys these visual images.

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Anonymous said...

I have found a number of writings embedded with CHC theory illustrated through path diagrams. I used to find such diagrams complicated and almost headache-inducing.

After returning to graduate school, I found my stats professor to be heavily into path diagrams. It's a nice way to visually break down an abstract idea, though admittedly I still do not think this way.

Nevertheless, I noticed how there was a disparate difference between those who "got it" and those who did not. I still wonder if there is a gender difference with Gv-experience tells me yes, although that's a dangerous assumption to make.