Monday, September 26, 2005

Fluid Intelligence (Gf) coffee mug

What the heck is this? Well...over on the IAP-CHC listserv, the CHC crowd had fun (this weekend) working on the development of a CHC listserv t-shirt. It reminded me of the IAP "Fluid Intelligence (Gf)" coffee mugs I once had produced for fun. I gave most all the cups away. Over on the listserv there appeared to be some interest in "bringing them back" decided to post a picture and assess the real interest.

To bring these back from the past would require some work as the original art is MIA and the initial creation/production costs would occur all over again. But, if there was a big enough demand, I might be persuaded to contact my favorite PR guy (PR Advantage and Promotions in Central MN) to see what might be possible.

Although you can't see the entire figure, you should be able to ascertain the gist. The figure represents the broad Gf ability and the narrow abilities subsumed by Gf (e.g., Induction, Piagetian Reasoning, etc.). After hearing many "fluid intelligence" jokes/comments at professional conferences, I made a unilateral decision that two new narrow abilities needed to be added to Gf. You can see them on the mug, represented by is the image of a coffee cup (for the narrow fluid ability of caffeine) and the other.....yes...the other primary narrow "fluid" ability is_______ get the drift.

If enough folks are interested, post a comment on this blog or contact me via the IAP CHC listserv.

If you are puzzled about potential uses, think of the following.

I used to give out free mugs at my workshop presentations. I've heard that some professors gave them to their favorite graduate/research assistants. Heck...maybe all graduate students who pass their intellectual assessment course could be awarded a cup!!!!!!!!! The possibilities are endless. Heck, I found that they have been great conversation starters when people, esp. people not involved in cognitive assessment, enter my office. I have found it a fun way to introduce the idea of CHC abilities and assessment to others. of the best endorsements I ever received, which can be verified by his daughter (I think she may still read this blog), came from Jack (Three-Stratum model) Carroll. I gave Jack a mug and he had a particular fondness for it...esp. the feel of the handle in his hand. This is the truth...he commented on his Gf mug (to me), esp. how comfortable it was in the hand, more than once.

Let the polling begin. I'm not sure how many cups would need to be sold to cover the costs, but I'm willing to check in to it.

Stay tunned


Anonymous said...


Checkout CafePress [] for your mugs. They print and dispatch goods on demand. All you have to do is set up an account and supply the art work. They handle everything else.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see your mugs available for purchase.

Anonymous said...

Well...I'm anxious to know! Will they be available?

Unknown said...

I would be interested in at least one of these, if they're brought back.