Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tangled bank - Vanity science blog posts

FYI...New blog I just ran across. The Tangled Bank is a site for those interested in keeping up with someone's (admittingly biased - vanity press) take on important new science-related posts in the blogsphere. No endorsements...just FYI.

Here is a description from the blog.

  • Welcome to the Tangled Bank, a version of the "Carnival of the Vanities" for science bloggers. A Carnival is a weekly showcase of good weblog writing, selected by the authors themselves (that's the vanity part). Every other week, one of our crew will highlight a collection of interesting weblog articles in one convenient place, making it easy for everyone to find the good stuff.Two things will distinguish us from the original "Carnival of the Vanities": 1) we are specifically restricting ourselves to articles in the field of science and medicine, very broadly defined, and 2) we've got a different name. Our weekly compendium of great science weblog articles will be called the Tangled Bank, after Charles Darwin's famous metaphor.

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