Thursday, March 24, 2016

Brain training: should you believe the hype? "It depends"

Good article on the controversy re brain training.  The conclusion that it depends on the type of training and the type of person being trained is likely the best answer at this time.  It has been my hypothesis that one of the key variables in those training programs that demonstrate some transfer to other tasks, is that those programs, either via explicit or implicit design, focus on training attentional control (AC).  More AC related posts can be found at the following links (IQs Corner and the Brain Clock blog).  For those who follow the CHC model of cognitive abilities, attentional control was recently added to the CHC taxonomy (under Gwm).

Brain training: should you believe the hype?

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Everything you do changes your brain. Even reading this article. Right now, wherever you are, looking at these words is shaping and modifying the…

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