Saturday, July 26, 2014

More on Greenspan's model of personal competence: Relationship between IQ and social, practical, and conceptual abilities

I am pleased to see that, after a relatively long draught in published research, someone is again investigating the relations between general intelligence, and the primary domains of adaptive behavior, in models (that when examined closely) that are investigating aspects of Greenspan's' model of personal competence. The title, abstract, and key figure from this new research follow. The article can be read here. Kudos to these researchers

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My primary criticism of this study is that it completely ignores the primary foundation research in this area that occurred between 1990 and 2000, some of which are the primary research studies cited in the AAIDD manuals to support the domains of practical, conceptual and social competence (Greenspan's model). I have provided a list of that research, and results from the most prominent article from that group of researchers, below.

Yes, my name is all over these MIA studies (in the current featured article) so some could see my comments as academic sour grapes for being overlooked. But I see their omission as a lack of scholarly rigor by the researchers and the journal who published the current article. All of the MIA studies can be found at the MindHub--scroll down until you see the list of studies shown above. Then click away and download and read. It would have been nice if the new study results would have been integrated with the extant personal competence research literature.

In the final analysis I am pleased that someone is conducting much needed research on these constructs given the pivotal role they play in the definition and assessment of MR/ID.

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