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Human Brain Project: Let’s understand basic mechanisms behind cognition and behaviour [feedly]

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Human Brain Project: Let's understand basic mechanisms behind cognition and behaviour

neuronsBillion pound brain project under way (BBC News):

"Scientists from 135 institutions, mostly in Europe, are participating in The Human Brain Project (HBP). Co-funded by the EU, it aims to develop the technology needed to create a computer simulation of the brain. It will also build a database of brain research from the tens of thousands of neuroscience papers published annually.

"The Human Brain Project is an attempt to build completely new computer science technology that will enable us to collect all the information we have built up about the brain over the years," said Prof Henry Markram, Director of the HBP at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), in Switzerland.

"We should begin to understand what makes the human brain unique, the basic mechanisms behind cognition and behaviour, how to objectively diagnose brain diseases, and to build new technologies inspired by how the brain computes."

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Kevin McGrew, PhD
Educational Psychologist
Director, IAP

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