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Psychometrika, Vol. 77, Issue 4 - New Issue Alert

Monday, October 22

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In this issue:
Speed-Accuracy Response Models: Scoring Rules based on Response Time and Accuracy
Gunter Maris & Han van der Maas
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Infinitesimal Jackknife with Exploratory Factor Analysis
Guangjian Zhang, Kristopher J. Preacher & Robert I. Jennrich
Abstract    Full text PDF

Improved Regression Calibration
Anders Skrondal & Jouni Kuha
Abstract    Full text PDF

Modeling Associations Among Multivariate Longitudinal Categorical Variables in Survey Data: A Semiparametric Bayesian Approach
Sylvie Tchumtchoua & Dipak K. Dey
Abstract    Full text PDF

Fitting and Testing Conditional Multinormal Partial Credit Models
David J. Hessen
Abstract    Full text PDF

Optimal Designs for the Rasch Model
Ulrike GraƟhoff, Heinz Holling & Rainer Schwabe
Abstract    Full text PDF

The SIMCLAS Model: Simultaneous Analysis of Coupled Binary Data Matrices with Noise Heterogeneity Between and Within Data Blocks
Tom F. Wilderjans, E. Ceulemans & I. Van Mechelen
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Heterogeneous P-Median Problem for Categorization Based Clustering
Simon J. Blanchard, Daniel Aloise & Wayne S. DeSarbo
Abstract    Full text PDF

Uncovering the Best Skill Multimap by Constraining the Error Probabilities of the Gain-Loss Model
Pasquale Anselmi, Egidio Robusto & Luca Stefanutti
Abstract    Full text PDF

Dimensionality of the Latent Structure and Item Selection Via Latent Class Multidimensional IRT Models
F. Bartolucci, G. E. Montanari & S. Pandolfi
Abstract    Full text PDF

Robust Structural Equation Modeling with Missing Data and Auxiliary Variables
Ke-Hai Yuan & Zhiyong Zhang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Dynamic GSCA (Generalized Structured Component Analysis) with Applications to the Analysis of Effective Connectivity in Functional Neuroimaging Data
Kwanghee Jung, Yoshio Takane, Heungsun Hwang & Todd S. Woodward
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
COOPER, H.M. (2009). Research Synthesis and Meta-analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach (Applied Social Research Methods).
Jingyun Yang & Joseph P. Gyekis
Abstract    Full text PDF
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