Monday, October 22, 2012

Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Vol. 41, Issue 6 - New Issue Alert

Monday, October 22

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In this issue:
Shallow and Deep Orthographies in Hebrew: The Role of Vowelization in Reading Development for Unvowelized Scripts
Rachel Schiff
Abstract    Full text PDF

Working Memory Effects of Gap-Predictions in Normal Adults: An Event-Related Potentials Study
Arild Hestvik, Evan Bradley & Catherine Bradley
Abstract    Full text PDF

Determiner Primes as Facilitators of Lexical Retrieval in English
Emma Gregory, Rosemary Varley & Ruth Herbert
Abstract    Full text PDF

Oral and Hand Movement Speeds are Associated with Expressive Language Ability in Children with Speech Sound Disorder
Beate Peter
Abstract    Full text PDF

Do Irrelevant Sounds Impair the Maintenance of All Characteristics of Speech in Memory?
D. Gabriel, E. Gaudrain, G. Lebrun-Guillaud, F. Sheppard, I. M. Tomescu & A. Schnider
Abstract    Full text PDF

Erratum to: Escape from the Island: Grammaticality and (Reduced) Acceptability of wh-island Violations in Danish
Ken Ramshøj Christensen, Johannes Kizach & Anne Mette Nyvad
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