Monday, April 16, 2012

Announcing the MindHub: An internet portal of knowledge

Purpose, Passion & Serendipity

It is with considerable excitement and pride that I announce a new internet knowledge portal--MindHub™.  A brief description is below. The portal organizes all IAP blogs, web pages, on-line PPT slides, reports, articles, etc. in one place. One stop shopping for IQ McGrew's professional brain on the web.

If you are not interested, you should at least check the new professional picture of me....the image might give you insights into new projects. It also includes a link to the necessary conflict of interest disclosures related to some MindHub™ projects.

The MindHub™
MindHub™ is an internet portal that organizes cutting edge information and resources focused on measuring and improving the performance of the human mind and other domains of personal competence. The MindHub™ represents a strategic partnership between the Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP) and Interactive Metronome.

MindHub™ organizes all web-content related to the goals and objectives of IAP’s Director, Dr. Kevin McGrew. These include research and activities in the area of theories of human intelligence, intelligence test development and interpretation, cognitive and academic performance, personal competencies, and brain-clock based neurotechnologies. Gateways to MindHub™ strategic alliances are also featured.

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