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Psychometrika, Vol. 77, Issue 2 - New Issue Alert

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Subject: Psychometrika, Vol. 77, Issue 2 - New Issue Alert
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In this issue:
Online Calibration Methods for the DINA Model with Independent Attributes in CD-CAT
Ping Chen, Tao Xin, Chun Wang & Hua-Hua Chang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Identification of a Semiparametric Item Response Model
Michael Peress
Abstract    Full text PDF

Predicting Latent Class Scores for Subsequent Analysis
Janne Petersen, Karen Bandeen-Roche, Esben Budtz-Jørgensen & Klaus Groes Larsen
Abstract    Full text PDF

A New Heterogeneous Multidimensional Unfolding Procedure
Joonwook Park, Priyali Rajagopal & Wayne S. DeSarbo
Abstract    Full text PDF

Rotational Uniqueness Conditions Under Oblique Factor Correlation Metric
Carel F. W. Peeters
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Heterogeneous Bayesian Regression Model for Cross-sectional Data Involving a Single Observation per Response Unit
Duncan K. H. Fong, Peter Ebbes & Wayne S. DeSarbo
Abstract    Full text PDF

Some Paradoxical Results for the Quadratically Weighted Kappa
Matthijs J. Warrens
Abstract    Full text PDF

Detecting Treatment Effects with Small Samples: The Power of Some Tests Under the Randomization Model
Bryan Keller
Abstract    Full text PDF

Application of a Multidimensional Nested Logit Model to Multiple-Choice Test Items
Daniel M. Bolt, James A. Wollack & Youngsuk Suh
Abstract    Full text PDF

Parsimonious Structural Equation Models for Repeated Measures Data, with Application to the Study of Consumer Preferences
Terry Elrod, Gerald Häubl & Steven W. Tipps
Abstract    Full text PDF

The Cognitive-Miser Response Model: Testing for Intuitive and Deliberate Reasoning
Ulf Böckenholt
Abstract    Full text PDF

Regime Switching State-Space Models Applied to Psychological Processes: Handling Missing Data and Making Inferences
E. L. Hamaker & R. P. P. P. Grasman
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
G. FITZMAURICE, M. DAVIDIAN, G. VERBEKE & G. MOLENBERGHS (eds) (2008) Longitudinal Data Analysis: A Handbook of Modern Statistical Methods.
Ji Hoon Ryoo
Abstract    Full text PDF
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