Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Neuropsychology - Volume 26, Issue 2


Capturing the fragile X premutation phenotypes: A collaborative effort across multiple cohorts.
Page 156-164
Hunter, Jessica Ezzell;Sherman, Stephanie;Grigsby, Jim;Kogan, Cary;Cornish, Kim

Specificity of dyspraxia in children with autism.
Page 165-171
MacNeil, Lindsey K.;Mostofsky, Stewart H.

Decision-making impairment on the Iowa Gambling Task after endovascular coiling or neurosurgical clipping for ruptured anterior communicating artery aneurysm.
Page 172-180
Escartin, Gemma;Junqué, Carme;Juncadella, Montserrat;Gabarrós, Andreu;de Miquel, Maria Angels;Rubio, Francisco

Superior intellectual ability in schizophrenia: Neuropsychological characteristics.
Page 181-190
MacCabe, James H.;Brébion, Gildas;Reichenberg, Abraham;Ganguly, Taposhri;McKenna, Peter J.;Murray, Robin M.;David, Anthony S.

Altered implicit category learning in anorexia nervosa.
Page 191-201
Shott, Megan E.;Filoteo, J. Vincent;Jappe, Leah M.;Pryor, Tamara;Maddox, W. Todd;Rollin, Michael D. H.;Hagman, Jennifer O.;Frank, Guido K. W.

Gist-based conceptual processing of pictures remains intact in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment.
Page 202-208
Deason, Rebecca G.;Hussey, Erin P.;Budson, Andrew E.;Ally, Brandon A.

Mild cognitive impairment is associated with selected functional markers: Integrating concurrent, longitudinal, and stability effects.
Page 209-223
Dolcos, Sanda;MacDonald, Stuart W. S.;Braslavsky, Anna;Camicioli, Richard;Dixon, Roger A.

Effects of familiarity and cognitive function on naturalistic action performance.
Page 224-237
Park, Norman W.;Lombardi, Sabrina;Gold, David A.;Tarita-Nistor, Luminita;Gravely, Mark;Roy, Eric A.;Black, Sandra E.

Genetic architecture of the Delis-Kaplan executive function system Trail Making Test: Evidence for distinct genetic influences on executive function.
Page 238-250
Vasilopoulos, Terrie;Franz, Carol E.;Panizzon, Matthew S.;Xian, Hong;Grant, Michael D.;Lyons, Michael J.;Toomey, Rosemary;Jacobson, Kristen C.;Kremen, William S.

Age group and sex differences in performance on a computerized neurocognitive battery in children age 8−21.
Page 251-265
Gur, Ruben C.;Richard, Jan;Calkins, Monica E.;Chiavacci, Rosetta;Hansen, John A.;Bilker, Warren B.;Loughead, James;Connolly, John J.;Qiu, Haijun;Mentch, Frank D.;Abou-Sleiman, Patrick M.;Hakonarson, Hakon;Gur, Raquel E.

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