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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition - Volume 38, Issue 2


Neural correlates of creativity in analogical reasoning.
Page 264-272
Green, Adam E.;Kraemer, David J. M.;Fugelsang, Jonathan A.;Gray, Jeremy R.;Dunbar, Kevin N.

Tracking cognitive phases in analogical reasoning with event-related potentials.
Page 273-281
Maguire, Mandy J.;McClelland, M. Michelle;Donovan, Colin M.;Tillman, Gail D.;Krawczyk, Daniel C.

Mixing metaphors in the cerebral hemispheres: What happens when careers collide?
Page 295-311
Chettih, Selmaan;Durgin, Frank H.;Grodner, Daniel J.

Assessing the effect of lexical variables in backward recall.
Page 312-324
Guérard, Katherine;Saint-Aubin, Jean

Recollection can be weak and familiarity can be strong.
Page 325-339
Ingram, Katherine M.;Mickes, Laura;Wixted, John T.

The Rumsfeld effect: The unknown unknown.
Page 340-355
Hampton, James A.;Aina, Bayo;Andersson, J. Mathias;Mirza, Humaira Z.;Parmar, Sejal

Influences of part-list cuing on different forms of episodic forgetting.
Page 366-375
Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T.;Samenieh, Anuscheh

Dissociating positive and negative influences of verbal processing on the recognition of pictures of faces and objects.
Page 376-390
Nakabayashi, Kazuyo;Burton, A. Mike;Brandimonte, Maria A.;Lloyd-Jones, Toby J.

Illusory expectations can affect retrieval-monitoring accuracy.
Page 391-404
McDonough, Ian M.;Gallo, David A.

The effect of study time distribution on learning and retention: A Goldilocks principle for presentation rate.
Page 405-412
de Jonge, Mario;Tabbers, Huib K.;Pecher, Diane;Zeelenberg, René

Overdistribution in source memory.
Page 413-439
Brainerd, C. J.;Reyna, V. F.;Holliday, R. E.;Nakamura, K.

Position–item associations play a role in the acquisition of order knowledge in an implicit serial reaction time task.
Page 440-456
Schuck, Nicolas W.;Gaschler, Robert;Keisler, Aysha;Frensch, Peter A.

How specific is source memory for faces of cheaters? Evidence for categorical emotional tagging.
Page 457-472
Bell, Raoul;Buchner, Axel;Erdfelder, Edgar;Giang, Trang;Schain, Cécile;Riether, Nina

Selective memory retrieval can impair and improve retrieval of other memories.
Page 488-494
Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T.;Samenieh, Anuscheh

Adaptive memory: Enhanced location memory after survival processing.
Page 495-501
Nairne, James S.;VanArsdall, Joshua E.;Pandeirada, Josefa N. S.;Blunt, Janell R.

Three tests and three corrections: Comment on Koen and Yonelinas (2010).
Page 513-523
Jang, Yoonhee;Mickes, Laura;Wixted, John T.

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