Saturday, January 07, 2012

Important American Psychologist "new IQ findings" article: Beyond IQ is important

The American Psychologist article below is an important "taking stock" article regarding intelligence as per a group of esteemed APA psychologists. It is a necessary follow up to a similar article by Neisser et al published in 1996. The review covers a wide array of critical issues re human intelligence and is recommended reading by all serious intelligence scholars as well as those who use intelligence tests. I found the stated importance of non-cognitive (conative) traits in predicting important outcomes, aside from or beyond IQ, particularly intriguing. I have reproduced select pages from the article that summarize this research. The conclusions are consistent with my repeated attempts to draw attention to Beyond IQ abilities, which I have articulated in the Model of Academic Motivation and Competence (MACM) framework. I am particularly pleased to see the focus on self-regulated learning abilities, a domain featured prominently in the MACM model. (double click on image to enlarge)

It is time that applied psychologists, particularly those working in educational settings, move Beyond IQ and start assessing and designing interventions for critical non-cognitive characteristics of learners. Interested readers can find more information in my Beyond IQ Series of posts. Click on images to enlarge for easier reading

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