Sunday, June 26, 2011

FYiPOST: Psychometrika, Vol. 76, Issue 3 - New Issue Alert

Sunday, June 26

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In this issue:
Item Selection in Multidimensional Computerized Adaptive Testing—Gaining Information from Different Angles
Chun Wang & Hua-Hua Chang
Abstract    Full text PDF

On the Bayesian Nonparametric Generalization of IRT-Type Models
Ernesto San Martín, Alejandro Jara, Jean-Marie Rolin & Michel Mouchart
Abstract    Full text PDF

Investigating the Performance of Alternate Regression Weights by Studying All Possible Criteria in Regression Models with a Fixed Set of Predictors
Niels Waller & Jeff Jones
Abstract    Full text PDF

Statistical Significance of the Contribution of Variables to the PCA solution: An Alternative Permutation Strategy
Mariëlle Linting, Bart Jan van Os & Jacqueline J. Meulman
Abstract    Full text PDF

Factor Analysis via Components Analysis
Peter M. Bentler & Jan de Leeuw
Abstract    Full text PDF

Cohen's Linearly Weighted Kappa is a Weighted Average of 2×2 Kappas
Matthijs J. Warrens
Abstract    Full text PDF

A Joint Modeling Approach for Reaction Time and Accuracy in Psycholinguistic Experiments
T. Loeys, Y. Rosseel & K. Baten
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
M.D. RECKASE (2009) Multidimensional Item Response Theory (Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences).
Hua-Hua Chang & Chun Wang
Abstract    Full text PDF

Book Review
Claeskens, G. & Hjort, N. L. (2009). Model Selection and Model Averaging.
Alex Karagrigoriou
Abstract    Full text PDF

Erratum to: The Generalized DINA Model Framework
Jimmy de la Torre
Abstract    Full text PDF
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