Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FYiPOST: Neuropsychology - Volume 25, Issue 4

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Anomia as a marker of distinct semantic memory impairments in Alzheimer's disease and semantic dementia.
Page 413-426
Reilly, Jamie; Peelle, Jonathan E.; Antonucci, Sharon M.; Grossman, Murray

Evidence for higher reaction time variability for children with ADHD on a range of cognitive tasks including reward and event rate manipulations.
Page 427-441
Epstein, Jeffery N.; Langberg, Joshua M.; Rosen, Paul J.; Graham, Amanda; Narad, Megan E.; Antonini, Tanya N.; Brinkman, William B.; Froehlich, Tanya; Simon, John O.; Altaye, Mekibib

The prospective course of postconcussion syndrome: The role of mild traumatic brain injury.
Page 454-465
Meares, Susanne; Shores, E. Arthur; Taylor, Alan J.; Batchelor, Jennifer; Bryant, Richard A.; Baguley, Ian J.; Chapman, Jennifer; Gurka, Joseph; Marosszeky, Jeno E.

Executive functions and social competence in young children 6 months following traumatic brain injury.
Page 466-476
Ganesalingam, Kalaichelvi; Yeates, Keith Owen; Taylor, H. Gerry; Walz, Nicolay Chertkoff; Stancin, Terry; Wade, Shari

Executive functions, information sampling, and decision making in narcolepsy with cataplexy.
Page 477-487
Delazer, Margarete; Högl, Birgit; Zamarian, Laura; Wenter, Johanna; Gschliesser, Viola; Ehrmann, Laura; Brandauer, Elisabeth; Cevikkol, Zehra; Frauscher, Birgit

Genetic architecture of learning and delayed recall: A twin study of episodic memory.
Page 488-498
Panizzon, Matthew S.; Lyons, Michael J.; Jacobson, Kristen C.; Franz, Carol E.; Grant, Michael D.; Eisen, Seth A.; Xian, Hong; Kremen, William S.

Sex differences in neuropsychological performance and social functioning in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.
Page 499-510
Vaskinn, Anja; Sundet, Kjetil; Simonsen, Carmen; Hellvin, Tone; Melle, Ingrid; Andreassen, Ole A.

A neuropsychological investigation of multitasking in HIV infection: Implications for everyday functioning.
Page 511-519
Scott, J. Cobb; Woods, Steven Paul; Vigil, Ofilio; Heaton, Robert K.; Schweinsburg, Brian C.; Ellis, Ronald J.; Grant, Igor; Marcotte, Thomas D.

Functional disruption of the brain mechanism for reading: Effects of comorbidity and task difficulty among children with developmental learning problems.
Page 520-534
Simos, Panagiotis G.; Rezaie, Roozbeh; Fletcher, Jack M.; Juranek, Jenifer; Passaro, Antony D.; Li, Zhimin; Cirino, Paul T.; Papanicolaou, Andrew C.

The prosthetics of vigilant attention: Random cuing cuts processing demands.
Page 535-543
O'Connor, Charlene; Robertson, Ian H.; Levine, Brian

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