Sunday, August 22, 2010

iPost: Advances in Data Analysis and Classification, Vol. 4, Issue 2 - New Issue Alert

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Sunday, August 22

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We are pleased to deliver your requested table of contents alert for Advances in Data Analysis and Classification.

Volume 4 Number 2-3 is now available on SpringerLink

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In this issue:
Special Issue on Robust Methods for Classification and Data Analysis
Author(s)Marco Riani, Andrea Cerioli & Peter J. Rousseeuw
Online sinceAugust 06, 2010
Page85 - 87

Regular Article
A review of robust clustering methods
Author(s)Luis Angel García-Escudero, Alfonso Gordaliza, Carlos Matrán & Agustín Mayo-Iscar
Online sinceJune 18, 2010
Page89 - 109

Regular Article
A simulation study to compare robust clustering methods based on mixtures
Author(s)Pietro Coretto & Christian Hennig
Online sinceJune 26, 2010
Page111 - 135

Regular Article
The k-step spatial sign covariance matrix
Author(s)C. Croux, C. Dehon & A. Yadine
Online sinceJune 11, 2010
Page137 - 150

Regular Article
Robust kernel principal component analysis and classification
Author(s)Michiel Debruyne & Tim Verdonck
Online sinceJune 24, 2010
Page151 - 167

Regular Article
Optimal robust estimates using the Hellinger distance
Author(s)Alfio Marazzi & Victor J. Yohai
Online sinceJune 04, 2010
Page169 - 179

Regular Article
Inference for robust canonical variate analysis
Author(s)Stefan Van Aelst & Gert Willems
Online sinceJune 08, 2010
Page181 - 197

Regular Article
A review on consistency and robustness properties of support vector machines for heavy-tailed distributions
Author(s)Arnout Van Messem & Andreas Christmann
Online sinceJune 19, 2010
Page199 - 220
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