Monday, August 09, 2010

Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP) internet resourcs (web, blogs, etc.) updated/revised

This blog, as well as my other two professional blogs, are activities of the Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP).  I'm pleased to announce that this past week I finally found the time to update/revise the IAP web page. 

Aside from updating content, the major revision was the integration and cross-linking of the IAP web page with my three professional blogs.  The web page serves more as the "mother" host of major static material while the three blogs are the IAP's mechanisms (along with Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter---page links that are now also available at the revised web page) for immediate, dynamic presentation of material.  Collectively all of these internet portals work together to meet the goals of IAP (as outlined below).  The sources are now better integrated via the latest web page revision.  Enjoy

You can access the IAP web page via three methods:

The Institute for Applied Psychometrics (IAP) llc is a private research organization, founded by Kevin McGrew, devoted to the application of educational, psychological, measurement and statistical procedures to issues and problems in psychology, education, and human exceptionalities/disabilities.  The goal of IAP is to provide a bridge between psychological, measurement, and statistical theory/methods and applied practice in psychology, education and law.

IAP has particular research interests in: (a) theories and measurement of human intelligence, personal competence and adaptive behavior, (b) the application of psychological and educational measurement principles and techniques to the development and interpretation of psychological and educational assessment instruments, (c) the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC) Theory of Cognitive Abilities, (d) narrowing the theory-practice gap in educational and psychological assessment, (c) the influence of non-cognitive (conative) characteristics on learning and human performance, (d) psychological assessment practices in the identification and classification of individuals with intellectual and learning disabilities and other exceptionalities, (e) the application of emerging neurotechnologies to learning and cognitive performance, and (f) psychometric issues related to the identification of individuals with intellectual disabilities in Atkins MR/ID death penalty cases.  The practical application of psychometrics to educational, psychological and legal problems is a unique IAP focus.

IAP has conducted research and provided consultation and training on:

  • Human ability measurement as per the Cattell-Horn-Carroll (CHC; Gf-Gc) Theory of Cognitive Abilities.
  • Achievement and cognitive ability test development and interpretation.
  • The practical application of IRT, multivariate statistics, and structural equation modeling (SEM) methods to educational and psychological issues and problems.
  • Research, development, and validation of models of human abilities and competence, particularly in the areas of multiple intelligence's, academic and cognitive skill development, personal competence, adaptive behavior, and community adjustment.
  • The development and measurement of educational and community outcomes for individuals with disabilities.
  • Secondary analysis of large-scale national databases.
  • The development and improvement of educational assessment practices for students with disabilities.
  • The development of strong programs of construct validity for educational and psychological assessment and measurement methods.
  • Recognizing the importance on non-cognitive (e.g., self-regulated learning strategies; self- efficacy; etc) student characteristics in academic learning.
  • Psychometric issues surrounding intelligence testing in federal Atkins MR/ID death penalty cases.
  • Scientific advice to neurotechnology companies (i.e., Interactive Metronome).
  • Education regarding applied psychometric topics.

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