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iPost: History of Psychology - Volume 13, Issue 3

Focus on Czech, Brazil, Spain and Italy 

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Date: August 19, 2010 11:39:16 AM CDT
Subject: History of Psychology - Volume 13, Issue 3

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History of Psychology

2010  Volume 13, Issue 3 (Aug)

Ten years of Italian historiography of psychology: A field in progress.
Page 215-249
Ceccarelli, Glauco; Cimino, Guido; Foschi, Renato

Historiography of psychology in Brazil: Pioneer works, recent developments.
Page 250-276
Campos, Regina Helena de Freitas; Jacó-Vilela, Ana Maria; Massimi, Marina

Historiography of psychology in Spain: The last decade.
Page 277-308
Carpintero, Helio; Lafuente, Enrique; Quintana, José; Ruiz, Gabriel; Sáiz, Dolors; Sáiz, Milagros; Sánchez, Natividad

Historiography of Czech psychology.
Page 309-334
Hoskovcová, Simona; Hoskovec, Jiří; Plháková, Alena; Šebek, Michael; Švancara, Josef; Vobořil, Dalibor

An essay by Walter Benjamin.
Page 339-340
van der Veer, Renè

Tracking down some ancient baboons.
Page 340-341
Wulff, David M.

Page 341-348
No authorship indicated

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