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iPost: AACN 2010: Neuropsychology Journals & Articles

Psychology Press


American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology
8th Annual Conference, June 17-19, Chicago

Visit the Psychology Press Booth at this year's AACN Conference to take advantage of our 20% conference discount, free shipping on all our books, and free samples of these journals:


The Clinical Neuropsychologist

Official Journal of the AACN

Impact Factor 1.75*


Child Neuropsychology

Impact Factor 1.935*


Recent Special Issues:


Future Directions in Pediatric TBI

A Special Issue of Applied Neuropsychology

Guest Editors: Eric E. Pierson and Chad A. Noggle

Showcases articles on the importance of evaluating factors related to assessment and treatment not only from an injury severity and developmental perspective but also the importance of familial and social functioning.

Read in full the introduction to this special issue: Pediatric TBI: Prevalence and Functional Ramifications by Eric E. Pierson and Chad A. Noggle (Vol. 17:2 81-82).


39th Clinical Aphasiology Conference

A Special Issue of Aphasiology

Guest Editor: Beth Armstrong

This year's special issue contains papers presented at the 39th Clinical Aphasiology Conference held in Keystone, Colorado in May, 2009. The issue contains another excellent mix of articles, demonstrating the depth and breadth of issues covered in clinical aphasiology at the present time.

Pre-order this special issue with a 10% discount from our website.


More journals at AACN:


Neuropsychological Rehabilitation

Impact Factor 1.667*


Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology

25% more issues in 2010 - Impact Factor 2.184*


Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition

Impact Factor 1.143*


Evidence-Based Communication Assessment and Intervention

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