Friday, June 04, 2010

iPost: Journal of Individual Differences - Volume 31, Issue 2

Isssue devoted to Gv spatial ability research

A new issue is available for the following Hogrefe & Huber journal:

Journal of Individual Differences

Volume 31, Issue 2

New approaches to studying individual differences in spatial abilities.
Page 57-58
Glück, Judith; Quaiser-Pohl, Claudia; Neubauer, Aljoscha C.
Map understanding as a developmental marker in childhood.
Page 64-67
Peter, Michael; Glück, Judith; Beiglböck, Wolfgang
Use of strategy in a 3-dimensional spatial ability test.
Page 74-77
Strasser, Irene; Koller, Ingrid; Strauß, Sabine; Csisinko, Mathis; Kaufmann, Hannes; Glück, Judith
Effects of age and sex in mental rotation and spatial learning from virtual environments.
Page 78-82
Schoenfeld, Robby; Lehmann, Wolfgang; Leplow, Bernd
Ecological aspects of mental rotation around the vertical and horizontal axis.
Page 110-113
Battista, Christian; Peters, Michael

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