Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Brain injury outcome tests, scales and questionnaires book

Looks like a good resource for finding descriptions of measures of outcomes post brain injury.  A Compendium of Tests, Scales and Questionnaires by Robyn Tate

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Anonymous said...

My guess is that it is probably best to cover all of the bases in the CHC theory, including all five (six?) human senses. Who "nose" how all of the details might help to span future gaps and inform new research across the whole spectrum of abilities?

Here's a quick eye-first-and-then-hand co-ordination test for fun on the beach in Summer 2010. Step 1: hold an open, half-full, bag of trail mix in the palm of your non-dominant hand. Step 2: look down into the bag and visually locate a particularly tasty-looking nut that is on the surface of the mix (or choose a raisin if you prefer). Step 3: look away from the bag and then (without peeking) reach into the bag with your dominant hand and try to pick out that one nut/raisin from the rest, on your first try. If you "win", take another nut/raisin (beer?), as your reward. For extra points, try this test after reversing your dominant and non-dominant hands, but do it before the extra beer. Caution: this test may contain peanuts or other nut products.