Wednesday, August 19, 2009

CHC Intelligence Theory Timeline Project Update: Carroll (1985) paper found + clickable map to come

In a prior post I described the CHC Intelligence Theory Timeline Project.  I will continue to work on this project as time permits.

At this time I've got a two announcements.  First, I've been in contact with the maker of the software I'm using (Timeline Maker) about the Mozilla browser bug (see prior post) and the need I have for the program to export web-based material with all the active file, image, and URL links I have on my desktop program.  As a result, I've been placed on their list of "beta" testers for their next version which should include this feature (apparently many others have asked for the same feature).  So..hang tight.  We may have an on-line CHC Timeline on the web with clickable resources sometime soon.

The second announcement is made possible by Dr. Jack Carroll's daughter (Mimi Chapin) and her husband.  I recently sent out a listserv request in hopes of finding a copy of Carroll's unpublished 1985 paper--Domains of Cognitive Ability, which was presented at an Assocition for the Advancment of Science.  Mimi and her husband dug through Jack's files and found and sent me a copy.  I'm now making it available for others to view/download (click here).  It is an interesting read.  As early as 1985 the basic building blocks (broad stratum II abilities) of Carroll's eventual tri-stratum model can be seen.  Near the end of the paper is Table 1, which lists the broad domains (as well as the higher order g-factor) of Gf, Gc, Gv, Ga, Gs, Gi (now these abilities are typically listed under Glr in the CHC taxonomy), and Gm (which later Carroll labeled Gy...and which is now divided between Gsm and Glr in the CHC model.

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