Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Historical Brazil psychological assessment instruments

While attending the Brazilian assessment/measurement conference we were treated to a visit to a collection of historical psychological assessment instruments. Below are pictures of a few...and a few select comments. I've requested the name of the professional who has these instruments in her collection and will post her name as soon as I receive it. I found this very interesting....as I also collect old measures of cognitive functioning.

The materials were organized by Dr. Maria do Carmo Guedes, Pontifical Catholic University at Sao Paulo, Coordinator of the Center for Studies on the History of Psychology

An obvious concept formation category test (Gf)

A tool to measure some aspect of psychomotor strength (Gp)

A measure of psychomotor dexterity and speed (Gp, Gps)

A very neat HUGE single blog assembly test (Gv)

A measure of psychomotor coordination (remember the game "Operation"---very similar feedback concept)

The classic Kohs blocks

An ingenious test. You need to remove one piece at a time without the thing falling apart. Most likely a mixed measure of Gv, Gf (planning), psychomotor dexterity and executive functions.

Some kind of Gv assembly task. Reminded me of our old "erector set" toy from childhood.

A "lock box" test. You must figure out how to unlock the box, via the various locking mechanisms as quickly as you can.

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