Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition - Volume 35, Issue 5

A new issue is available for the following APA journal:

Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Volume 35, Issue 5

Deficits in cross-race face learning: Insights from eye movements and pupillometry.
Pages 1105-1122
Goldinger, Stephen D.; He, Yi; Papesh, Megan H.
Use of self-to-object and object-to-object spatial relations in locomotion.
Pages 1137-1147
Xiao, Chengli; Mou, Weimin; McNamara, Timothy P.
Test sequence priming in recognition memory.
Pages 1162-1174
Johns, Elizabeth E.; Mewhort, D. J. K.
Neural correlates of individual differences in strategic retrieval processing.
Pages 1175-1186
Bridger, Emma K.; Herron, Jane E.; Elward, Rachael L.; Wilding, Edward L.
Component structure of individual differences in true and false recognition of faces.
Pages 1207-1230
Bartlett, James C.; Shastri, Kalyan K.; Abdi, Hervé; Neville-Smith, Marsha
Dissociating interference-control processes between memory and response.
Pages 1306-1316
Bissett, Patrick G.; Nee, Derek Evan; Jonides, John
Attentional requirements for the selection of words from different grammatical categories.
Pages 1344-1351
Ayora, Pauline; Janssen, Niels; Dell'Acqua, Roberto; Alario, F.-Xavier
Metacognitive control over the distribution of practice: When is spacing preferred?
Pages 1352-1358
Toppino, Thomas C.; Cohen, Michael S.; Davis, Meghan L.; Moors, Amy C.
Embodied memory judgments: A case of motor fluency.
Pages 1359-1365
Yang, Shu-Ju; Gallo, David A.; Beilock, Sian L.
Classifying partial exemplars: Seeing less and learning more.
Pages 1374-1380
Taylor, Eric G.; Ross, Brian H.
Automaticity of cognitive control: Goal priming in response-inhibition paradigms.
Pages 1381-1388
Verbruggen, Frederick; Logan, Gordon D.

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