Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art and science of test development: ETS Kit

I'm in the process of developing a four-hour course presentation on the "Art and Science of Test Development:  Theories, tools, tips and troubles" that I will unveil late July at a Brazil psychological assessment conference.  I'm very excited about putting this together.  There are many books on different aspects of test development and psychometrics, but nothing that is really "applied" test development or psychometrics.  I'm excited, but also am finding it a challenge to do within a four-hour time constraint.  When done, it may serve as the outline for a manuscript and PPT slides that may be available via the WMF.  Much of it is based on Dr. Woodock's approach to test development and he has graciously provided me access to many of his notes and documents.  If we do ever get this to a manuscript, he would likely be the first author.

I may make intermediate PPT modules available for review via Slideshare as they hopes of eliciting feedback, comments, etc.

In the process of working on this presentation I refer to the ETS Kit of Factor-Referenced Cognitive Tests (1976 Edition) as a source I often review when trying to understand some old measures mentioned in studies and, more importantly, for ideas for possible new tests of narrow CHC abilities. The publication is a steal for the price....but you must be aware that the copies of the tests you will receive are very crude black-white copies of prototypes, often with free-hand drawings. 

It is a classic....and one that I think most instructors of cognitive/intellectual testing courses might consider purchasing for their a teaching aid.  The tests use the CHC code system that is currently being using today in discussions of CHC abilities.  Thus, the tests, although not of high quality, might be good as illustrations of how to measure 23 different narrow CHC abilities.

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