Monday, June 29, 2009

Applied Psych Test Development Series: Part C--Use of Rasch scaling technology

The third in the series Art and Science of Applied Test Development is now available. The third module (Part C: Test and Item Development--Use of Rasch Scaling Technology) is now available.

This is the third in a series of PPT modules explicating the development of psychological tests in the domain of cognitive ability using contemporary methods (e.g., theory-driven test specification; IRT-Rasch scaling; etc.). The presentations are intended to be conceptual and not statistical in nature. Feedback is appreciated.

This project can be tracked on the left-side pane of the blog under the heading of Applied Test Development Test Development Series.

The first module (Part A: Planning, development frameworks & domain/test specification blueprints) was posted previously and is accessible via SlideShare.

The second module (Part B: Test and item development) was posted previously and is accessible via SlideShare.

You are STRONGLY encouraged to view them in order as concepts, graphic representation of concepts and ideas, build on each other from start to finish.

Enjoy...more to come.

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