Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WMF Press: Dean-Woodcock Neuropsych Report Software

The Woodcock-Munoz Foundation (WMF) Press has just made its first publication--- a piece of neuropsychological assessment report software.

The Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychological Report is a scoring and interpretive program that assists qualified evaluators and service providers in creating neuropsychological reports based on test results from the Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychological Battery, the Woodcock-Johnson® III, and the Batería III NU Woodcock-Muñoz®. Click here to be taken to the page, which also lists requirements necessary to download the software for free.

[Conflict of interest - I'm the Research Director for WMF and am also a coauthor of the Woodcock-Johnson III.

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RBC said...

Will there be a Mac version of this?



Kevin McGrew said...

Don't know. I will check.

Kevin McGrew said...

Unfortunately the answer is "no"

WMF is a small foundation and that is beyond our current funding capabilities. Sorry

RBC said...

That's too bad :( I guess I'll have to run it on parallels.


Eric Best said...

Ramesh, booting up into Parallels is a drag. Being a bit adventurous, I have found it seems to run OK under Crossover, a version of WINE which will run Windows apps on other OSs. Hopefully the Aussie version of the WIIIP will be as compliant.
The ultimate and logical solution is that all these variants be gathered up, as options, into the one WIIIP.
Good luck with it!