Friday, January 23, 2009

WJ III and CHC NASP (Boston) sessions: Mark your calendars

Mark your NASP/Boston calendars for WJ III and/or CHC related sessions. Below is a summary of sessions. Thanks to Barb Wendling for putting this together. [Conflict of interest - I'm a coauthor of the WJ III)

TUESDAY, 2/24/09
10:00-10:50 PAPER
Issues in Translating Tests Into Braille: WJ III Achievement-Braille (PA044)
Lynne Jaffe and Barbara Henderson
1:00-1:50 PAPER
Development and Interpretation of the WJ III Relative Proficiency Index (PA062)
Lynne Jaffe

THURSDAY, 2/26/09
8:00-8:50 PAPER
An Overview of the Human Cognitive Abilities Project (PA121)
Kevin McGrew
8-9:30 POSTERS
The DAS-II and WJ-III in Relation to the CHC Model (PO112)
Nancy Hollander
Adapting Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities for International Use (PO130)
Anton Furman
Predicting WJ-III Cognitive Test Performance From Personality Traits (PO140)
Scott Loe
Construct Validity of the WJ-III Cognitive Among Adjudicated Adolescents (PO189)
Erin Reid
CHC Abilities in Young Children Measured by the WJ III COG (PO374)
Myriah Rosengarten
General and Specific Effects on WJ III CHC Factor Clusters (PO399)
Randy Floyd
Understanding Early Childhood Assessment Tools from a CHC Perspective (PO422)
Laurie Ford
12:00-1:30 POSTERS
Beyond RAN and Phonological Awareness the Role of Processing Speed (PO 325)
Annmarie Urso
5:00-5:50 PAPER
Confirming the Factor Structure of ADHD in Young Adults (PA023)
Briley Proctor

FRIDAY 2/27/09
8:00-8:50 MINI-SKILLS
CHC Cognitive and Achievement Relations Meta Analysis (MS059)
Kevin McGrew
2:00-3:30 POSTERS
Convergent Validity of English Language Proficiency Measures: NYSESLAT and WMLS-R (PO064)
Sara Bracken
Cross-Battery Assessment of Diverse Children and Youth (PO169)
John Kranzler

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