Saturday, January 03, 2009

Manic Mother: A recommended new blog site

I would strongly recommend that all my bog readers (IQs Corner; IQ Brain Clock; Mobile IQ) check out a new blog site called Manic Mother. I would urge you to visit regularly, and if you are a blog master yourself, create a link to this site and give it an FYI post at your blog. Spread the word. This is a brand-spanking new blog that will take off.

Why? Simply because it is a new wonderful site by my tremendous daughter Beth...who is not afraid to share her biploar (manic depressive) experiences with the world. I'm so damn proud of her. She, when approximately 13-14 years of age, was properly diagnosed as BP (long before it became a sexy " must have-'it-will-excuse-my-behavior' " diagnosis and an easy out from accepting responsibility for one's behavior). She is now a wonderful mother of two young boys and has started the Manic Mother blog.

Beth is an extremely insightful, creative, gifted and sensitive person who has tremendous insights into living, living just beyond the edge, coming back from the edge (and beyond) etc. She has tremendous insights on being a mother....with or without BP.

Check it out. I will be adding it to all my blog rolls.

Good luck Beth. You make me proud.

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Karen Prime said...


Kudos to your daughter. She is quite extraordinary.