Thursday, October 02, 2008

BAT III Woodcock-Munoz Assessment Service Bulletin (ASB)

I was looking at the searches that led people to this blog and noticed a number of folks looking for information regarding the Batería III Woodcock-Muñoz.  In looking through my past posts I noticed only one post regarding the BAT III---a test review in APA Division 16's School Psychologist.

I realized that I did have access to an Assessment Service Bulletin (ASB) published by Riverside Publishing.  Below is the reference and a link to the PDf document.  I hope this helps those looking for additional information regarding the BAT III.

  • Schrank, F., McGrew, K., Ruef, M.,
    Alvarado, C., Muñoz-Sandoval, A. & Woodcock (2005). 
    Batería III Woodcock-Muñoz Assessment Service Bulletin
    Number 1:  Overview and Technical Supplement.  
    Itasca, IL: Riverside Publishing. (click to

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