Tuesday, October 21, 2008

WISC-III/WJ III cross-battery g+specific cog-ach abilities findings

WISC-III/WJ III cross-battery g+specific abilities research reinforces "just say maybe" program of CHC g+specific abilities research.

I'm just starting the process of drafting a manuscript to summarize the results of the IAP CHC COG-ACH Correlates Meta-Analysis project (click here).  In that on-line EWOK (Evolving Web of Knowledge) I list a McGrew (2007a) study in the reading and math summary tables.  That reference reflects unpublished re-analysis I completed (last fall) with the Phelps et al. (2007) joint (cross-battery) WISC-III/WJ III dataset.  In order to include the findings in the synthesis manuscript, I felt it appropriate to at least informally publish the final models for reference. 

Two important caveats.  I'm a coauthor of the WJ III (conflict of interest disclosure).  The second caveat is outlined in the brief report of the results that I have posted.  When I have time I will update the synthesis EWOK. I will change the reference to McGrew (2008) reflecting posting.

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