Friday, June 27, 2008

CHC g+specific abilities and math ach study published

Another CHC g+specific abilities research study has been published (School Psychology Quarterly) by the research team of Taub, Floyd, Keith and McGrew (that be me, the blogmaster). This study was listed as "in press" in a prior posting announcing the latest CHC g+specific abilities reading publication from our little group. The abstract is below. A copy can be viewed by clicking the "study" link above. [Conflict of interest note - I'm a coauthor of the WJ III, the norm database analyzed for the study]

This program of research continues to suggest that certain specific CHC (Gf-Gc) abilities are important in understanding school achievement above and beyond the effect of g (general intelligence). This study is already included in the ongoing CHC Cognitive Abilities-Achievement Meta-Analysis Project.

  • This study investigated the direct and indirect effects of general intelligence and 7 broad cognitive abilities on mathematics achievement. Structural equation modeling was used to investigate the simultaneous effects of both general and broad cognitive abilities on students’ mathematics achievement. A hierarchical model of intelligence derived from the Cattell–Horn–Carroll (CHC) taxonomy of intelligence was used for all analyses. The participants consisted of 4 age-differentiated subsamples (ranging from ages 5 to 19) from the standardization sample of the Woodcock–Johnson III (WJ III; Woodcock, McGrew, & Mather, 2001). Data from each of the 4 age-differentiated subsamples were divided into 2 data sets. At each age level, one data set was used for model testing and modification, and a second data set was used for model validation. The following CHC broad cognitive ability factors demonstrated statistically significant direct effects on the mathematics achievement variables: Fluid Reasoning, Crystallized Intelligence, and Processing Speed. In contrast, across all age levels, the general intelligence factor demonstrated indirect effects on the mathematics achievement variable.
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