Monday, March 31, 2008

Beyond IQ Project: Power Point slides now available

Due to a number of requests, I've posted a set of PowerPoint slides that supplement the Beyond IQ: A Model of Academic Competence and Motivation (MACM) Evolving Web of Knowledge (EWOK). This presentation can be viewed on-line or downloaded for educational and training efforts.

Yes...intelligence is important. But a complete understanding of school learning requires a much larger "big picture" perspective that examines the amount and quality of instruction and, as summarized by the Beyond IQ Project, attention to important non-cognitive (aka., conative) learner characteristics.

The slides can be accessed either under the IQ's Corner Information and/or IQ's Corner PPT Slideshow sections of this blog (on the left-hand side of the home page).

All current Beyond IQ related blog posts can also be accessed via the Beyond IQ term under the Labels heading (same side of home page).


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