Wednesday, January 09, 2008

IQ Bytes # 4: CHC theory prominence

I found another "IQ Byte" size morsel in an "in press" article in the journal Intelligence by Kvist & J Gustafsson.

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On CHC/Gf-Gc theories prominence:
  • Ever since Spearman (1904, 1927) introduced his “Theory of Two Factors”, issues concerning the structure of human intelligence have been the focus of attention of much research. While there certainly are differences in opinion regarding a wide range of issues, consensus has been achieved that a hierarchical representation of the structure of cognitive abilities is required to capture the complexities of the phenomenon (e.g., Carroll, 1993; Gustafsson, 1988; Jensen, 1998; Messick, 1992). The currently most widely accepted hierarchical model is the Carroll (1993) “Three-Stratum Model”. Since this model may be regarded as an extension of the Cattell and Horn “Gf–Gc” model (see e. g., Horn&Cattell, 1966) it is also referred to as the Carroll–Horn–Cattell (CHC) model (McGrew, 2005)
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