Tuesday, January 22, 2008

CHC cognitive-achievement correlates meta-analysis project

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I'm pleased to announce the Cattell - Horn - Carroll (CHC) Cognitive Abilities-Achievement Meta-Analysis project. This is a work "in progress". The purpose of this project is to systematically synthesize the key Cattell-Horn- Carroll (CHC) theory of cognitive abilities designed research studies that have investigated the relations between broad and narrow CHC abilities and school achievement.

The current results of this project can be accessed via a clickable MindMap visual-graphic navigational tool (similar to the image above...but "active" and "dyanamic") or via the more traditional web page outline navigational method. You can toggle back and forth between the different navigation methods via the options in the upper right hand corner of the respective home web page.

Feedback is appreciated. I request that feedback be funneled to either the CHC and/or NASP professional listservs, mechanisms that provide for a more dynamic give-and-take exchange of ideas, thoughts, reactions, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

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Anonymous said...

I am sitting in your school neuro lecture right now...Wow!! Thank you for this research and its usefulness in more targeted assessment of learning disabilities using the CHC model. Please post your "cheat sheet" called CHC Cog-Ach Important Narrow Abilities Chart on your site in the user-friendly version you have in your slides. Thanks again!

Kevin McGrew said...

Thank you. I will do in the next few days