Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beyond IQ: A Model of Academic Competence and Motivation

As promised, and ahead of schedule, today I make available the results of over 5 years of work---Beyond IQ: A Model of Academic Competence and Motivation. The gist of the Beyond IQ project is simple - to present a preliminary conceptual framework from which to organize non-cognitive (conative) variables important for school learning...those essential student learning facilitators that are important above and beyond intelligence/cognitive ability.

The material can be accessed one of three ways (and you can switch between each navigation mode via the viewing options in the upper right-hand corner of the web pages).

If you want to navigate via a more traditional web-page expanding outline format, which is available on the left-hand side of the "Home" web page, start here.

If you want a linear "Table of Contents" outline navigation mode, start here.

If you love seeing the "big picture" all at once (using your Gv skills), start with my favorite, the clickable visual-graphic "Overview Map" mind map approach - click here.

Or mix and match navigational methods to meet your temporary whims.

Enjoy. I hope this work stimulates comments, responses, and more importantly, research focused on the development of a validated comprehensive model/framework of conative variables important for school learning (what I often like to call "essential student academic facilitators").

I will maintain a Beyond IQ category label term on the blog page which will allow readers to locate all Beyond IQ related articles with one click.

3-30-08 update. A set of PowerPoint slides that supplement the material at the Beyond IQ EWOK are now available via Slide Share. Click here.


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Catherine Johnson said...

This is exactly what I have begun my new year wishing for --- !

Kevin McGrew said...

Great. I hope you find it useful. Spread the word to others.

cecil R. Reynolds said...

If you have interest in this topic, you may well be interested in the last issue, 42(4), of the Educational Psychologist for 2007. It is a special issue devoted to interventions that work to enhance school motivation--some papers deal with the level of the individual student and some with school or classroom level issues.

David N. Andrews M. Ed., C. P. S. E. said...

If cecil R. Reynolds is who I think it might be, then the guy is someone who definitely knows about this issue He compiles and develops psychomatric tests!

I'm very interested in the topic.