Thursday, January 10, 2008

CHC listserv n=1000+: Time to celebrate

Call MSNBC, CNN, the AP....spread the word.....the CHC listserv has reached the n=1000 membership level!!!!!!! As of this post, the current membership is n=1003.

The 1000th person to join was Jon Ross. Kudos to Jon. As a result of Jon's excellent timing, he is going to be shipped one of the few remaining "classic" IAP Gf/Fluid Intelligence coffee mugs. They are collectors items.

Check out the picture of the mug and the prior message. This accomplishment has me contemplating the idea of bringing back these mugs for a moderate price. If enough folks would be interested to make it worth my time and costs, I might be willing to offer these for sale to dedicated CHC'ers. I would need to figure out costs to have them designed from scratch as well as the cost to package and a little ching in my pocket for the time (I would probably pay a local kid to handle the fulfillment).

In order to ascertain interest, send me an email ( indicating your interest, and more importantly the number of mugs you would be willing to purchase. Of course, multiple mugs would require some kind of special pricing. Suggested prices would also be welcome.

University professors - think of the idea of purchasing these for all students in your intellectual assessment classes...and awarding them at the successful completion of their assessment sequence, their first completed CHC assessment report, the successful defense of their dissertation, etc. If I could anticipate a regular stream of moderate bulk orders from trainers, that would spur me to contemplate this with greater fervor. The tricky part is how many to order.

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