Sunday, June 24, 2007

IQ Research bytes #1--recent working memory research

Without at doubt, the construct of working memory (Gsm-MW) has been the focus of considerable research and theory the past decade. I, the IQ's Corner blogmaster, can't seem to not download, skim and save articles that have the phrase "working memory" in the journal title (click here for all IQ's Corner posts that have "working memory" tagged; n >40).

Some recent empirical "bytes" include:
  • Point and counterpoint re: the validity of the phonological loop/store as per the most prominent working memory model articled by Baddeley et. al. See defense of the Baddeley model by Baddeley et al. (2007), a criticism by Jones et al. (2007), and a rejoinder by Baddeley et al in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.
  • An excellent overview article on "what we know and don't know" about the relationship between working memory and reading Savage et al. (2007) in the Educational Psychology Review. If for no other reason, check out Figure 3 and the related text. I love the visual schematic of working and short-term memory measures used in development research to date.
  • Check out Imbo et al. (2007), also in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, if you are looking for evidence for the role of components of working memory (phonological loop; executive functions) in mathematics ("carrying" in mental arithmetic, to be specific) .
  • Finally, I've been following the "cognitive load" related working memory literature as I believe it is research that has the potential to facilitate a bridge between theoretical/empirical working memory research and academic interventions. The latest from the "cognitive load" research can be found in Barrouillet et al'.s (2007) article "Time and cognitive load in working memory"

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Chris Chatham said...

These are great - I hadn't seen any of them yet! Nice job finding the good stuff :)

Unknown said...

i would also recommend - the site has lots of useful info on working memory and its role in different areas of life